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  Welcome to the Midnight Spirit 


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Sleeping At Last (The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1)

"My only love sprung from my only hate!
Too early seen unknown, and known too late!
Prodigious birth of love it is to me,
That I must love a loathed enemy."
                                                     - Juliet (Act 1, Scene 4, Lines 144-147)


~  The Girl Behind the Words  ~

Hello my precious minions and welcome to my site; MidnightSpirit! 

Moi is here to introduce you fictionpressers/wattpadders/stalkers to the site that took me FOREVER to create -i repeat FOREVER. I created this for my own personal entertainment and also for you fellow readers who have read my stories! Pretty cool, huh? ;)

 It will contain almost everything like, character pictures, blogs, music from my stories, quotes, photos, YouTube videos and whatever i feel like showing you guys -there'll be a lot of them!  If you're a newly read , you must be wondering 'What is this stranger on about?' or 'What on earth have i gotten myself into?' then I'd like to invite you into my world of romance and drama. Go ahead and check out my stories by following theclicking on either coloured box above the words 'Fictionpress' or 'Wattpad' and it should put you on the right track. 

                                                                               ♥   The Girl Behind the Words   ♥


heya bros and hoes ;)
umm, well im not the kind of gal who openly talks about herself on one of these things so imma keep it short, sweet and simple. the name is Taylor. Taylor Raine -sexy right? ;)
i like to think that i'm a quiet, smart, kind-hearted, young gal who likes to have a good time with the peeps, but im wrong. according to my 'peeps', i'm loud, crazy and obnoxious o_O bull, right?
if your wondering what the hell this sexy beast behind these words look like, just scroll up a bit. there is a picture of three me's and some in the slideshow hehe. i don't appreciate those who think i stole some copyright off tumblr or something. its stupid. and im not afraid to report so play it nice and i'll promise that i won't bite ;) my bad side is a dark and scary place to be on, so don't push your luck :) i've heard that it isn't pleasant
hmmm let's see, i have no friends on Wattpad or FictionPress so PM if you'd love to be my first :D i've been told that i'm jesus with my people skills, so if there are any girl/guy issues out there, im only a hop, click and message away if you need me!!
anywho, my favourite color is green. i love cheese and peanut butter. i like long walks on the beach and i'm straight -sorry ladies :c


♞  ♚  Featured Video   ♛  ♜

The video above plays the song 'Bust Your Windows' by Jazmine Sullivan. This is one of Scarlett's favourite songs to dance to in Burning Fate. It makes her feel alive and sexy.

♠  ♣  Featured Character    

Hayley Anne Michael Anderson (The SLUT Phase) is your average teenage girl whose determined to change. She is the youngest out of her four older brothers; Thomas, Zacary, Kyle and Jason. She is a very shy and stubborn girl at first, but with the help of Caleb Knight -and her best friends Faye, Shannon, Alison and Emma -she finally ditches the books and embraces her slutty side...

READ MORE >>> Click the PURPLE BUTTON  below for more Featured Characters in the story The SLUT Phase.


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